The Economic Change Unit (ECU) campaigns to change the way the economy works so that everyone has the freedom and security to

live a good life.

We work to accelerate the transition to a fair, sustainable, prosperous, and resilient economy.

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What we do


We collate and disseminate robust new analysis and proposals on key domestic and international economic policy issues


We build support for economic policy ideas and proposals which rise to the scale and urgency of modern societal challenges


We work to strengthen the movement of people and organisations who share the goal of economic systems change


New Economy Brief

New Economy Brief is a weekly round-up of key economic policy debates and developments to help create a fairer, more sustainable and resilient economy.

We seek out well-researched reports, articles and other material from a wide range of organisations, thinkers and practitioners from the UK and around the world to help readers stay abreast of new ideas and debates and understand the arguments behind the news.

Stop the Squeeze

Stop the Squeeze is a civil society coalition founded in October 2022 which aims to build support for bolder solutions to the cost of living crisis.

The coalition is calling on the government to guarantee that the essentials of life remain affordable for everyone; ensure everyone has a living income; and reform the tax system with higher taxes on wealth.

Movement building

We work to build the power of the UK ‘new economy’ movement by:

  • Facilitating collaboration between civil society organisations focused on ideas and policies for economic systems change, and links to other movements
  • Working to build commitment and action on anti-oppression and to elevate the voices and priorities of people on the sharp end of economic injustice