We’re recruiting:

Board members (voluntary)

Remote / occasional in-person meetings
Contract Type
Voluntary, initial term of 3 years (maximum 6 years)
Quarterly meetings plus preparation time, an annual away day, occasional ad hoc calls, and some engagement by email between meetings
This is a voluntary position, but you will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses involved in fulfilling your role (such as travel or childcare)
Start Date
November 2, 2023
Reports to
Application Deadline

Sunday, November 13, 2022

4:00 pm


ECU is recruiting two voluntary Directors, to strengthen our board and help us maximise our impact. 

This is a unique opportunity to join a courageous, caring organisation with a vital mission, working with a growing network of organisations building a better economy. You’ll benefit from a full induction, training in your role, and ongoing support from our Chair and other board members. 

We’re especially keen to hear from candidates who are Black or members of other marginalised ethnic groups. We’re aware that as an all-white board, we’re reproducing one of the major problems in our movement and in wider society, and we want to address this. 

About the roles

ECU’s Directors are responsible for ensuring that ECU is well-run and delivers on our ambition to accelerate the transition to a fair, sustainable and resilient economy. This includes helping to shape our strategy and annual plans; overseeing our operations, finances and organisational development; and building strong, supportive relationships with the ECU team.  

We’re looking for people who are: 

  • Committed to ECU’s mission (but you don’t need to have specialist knowledge in economics)
  • Familiar with the responsibilities of Directors and/or Trustees (but you don’t need prior experience of acting in this capacity) 
  • Aligned with our vision and values  
  • Able to listen well, see the bigger strategic picture, and take independent decisions in service of our mission
  • Able to commit sufficient time to carrying out the role, including quarterly online meetings and an annual in-person away day.

These roles are voluntary, you will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses involved in fulfilling your role (such as travel or childcare).

About ECU

ECU was established in 2019 to tackle our profoundly unjust and unsustainable economic model, which drives harms including poverty, inequality, corporate dominance, ecosystem destruction, the climate crisis, weak democratic institutions, and social polarisation. 

Our vision is of a fair, sustainable, prosperous and resilient economy where everyone can flourish and live a good life, and our work is guided by our values of humility, solidarity, and collaboration. 

We seek to accelerate the shift to a better economy through: 

  • Change-making: Influencing activities to increase political support for new economy proposals 
  • Movement power and effectiveness: Building the breadth, alignment, connections and effectiveness of the new economy movement, and its accountability to directly-affected people
  • Movement allies and resources: Growing the new economy movement’s network of influential allies, and help secure a sustained, major increase in movement funding
  • ECU effectiveness: Ensuring ECU has the people, skills, resources, policies and infrastructure needed to deliver this strategy with maximum effectiveness and impact, and in full alignment with our values.

We have a staff team of six and aspirations to growth the organisation to ten within the next two to three years. We are currently governed by five Directors, and we work with a core community of around 40 organisations.

For full details of the roles, including how to apply, please download the recruitment pack. 

The deadline for applications in 9.00 am, Monday 14 November 2022

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